Yaaar, There be gay pirates ahead

In another instance of Delgaudio making national news and embarrassing Loudoun County, Eugene sent out a letter to his hate group about Tampa’s annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival stating:

Word is that Radical Homosexuals have infiltrated as event organizers to promote homosexual events that are designed to prey upon unsuspecting college students by enticing them to join their “krewes” and help build parade floats in exchange for free alcohol. When the young men are sufficiently intoxicated, homosexuals dressed as pirates whisk them away to God knows where to take advantage of them sexually.

Delgaudio has a very vivid imagination when it comes to gay men.



Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio rebuked by Board members for anti-gay remarks

Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling), a longtime opponent of gay rights, is coming under increased criticism for recent comments viewed as homophobic and embarrassing to the community.

At a Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday, five of his board counterparts used personal time to chastise the Sterling supervisor for anti-gay comments. One member, Andrea McGimsey (D-Potomac), apologized that Delgaudio made some of the remarks from the board dais.



Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s advocacy organization designated a ‘hate group’

“Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) has never been shy about expressing his anti-gay opinions. Through his conservative nonprofit organization, Public Advocate of the United States, he has vehemently condemned any social or political development –  from airport pat-down safety procedures, to anti-bullying legislation, to annual pirate festivals – that he deems part of a “homosexual agenda.”

As a result of those declarations, Delgaudio’s Falls Church-based organization was recently added to a list of designated hate groups compiled by theSouthern Poverty Law Center, an internationally recognized nonprofit civil rights organization.”



Eugene Delgaudio: Special Grand Jury Report

The Grand Jury that investigated Delgaudio issued a scathing special report about his actions(and lack of action serving his constituents). The Board of Supervisors ultimately censured Delgaudio due to his misconduct and he voted against an ethics ordinance prevent future misconduct. It should be no surprise that he supported another indicted local politician who lacked ethics.

Here are some highlights of the report:

lack of focus misuse Atmosphere

hate group campaign funds

The summary starts on page 5 of the pdf or pg 3 on the scanned report.



Eugene Delgaudio opposes ALS and Heavy Rescue staffing to protect Sterling and Loudoun Citizens

During Fire-Rescue portion of the FY16 budget meeting on 3/9/15, discussion came up by Supervisor Letourneau (South Riding) about the lack of Advanced EMS coverage during the day in Sterling (mp4 starting at 0:38). It was suggested that an additional career medic unit be added in Sterling to help alleviate the shortage of ALS care and those positions be added to the budget.

During the FY16 3/19/15 budget meeting(pdf):

Chairman York made a motion that the Board of Supervisors add $2,354,359 in local tax funding and 19.04 FTE to the Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management for staffing needs related to the Heavy Rescue Squad and Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit. It was further moved that these resources not be used until the Chief of the Combined Fire Rescue System makes a recommendation to the Board concerning specific staffing needed by these volunteer companies. It was further moved to reduce the enhancements for the Purcellville Volunteer Company staffing by $108,680 to provide ten months funding and the Hybrid Staffing enhancement by $477,095 to provide six month funding. (Seconded by Supervisor Reid). The motion carried 7-1-1. (Delgaudio opposed, Higgins absent).

The ALS FTEs(new positions) were added for a second career medic unit in Sterling to help with the heavy daytime call volume due to the lack of volunteer medics in Sterling during the day.

It was the South Riding Supervisor that brought up the concern about the lack of medics in Sterling, not Sterling Supervisor Delgaudio. Delgaudio voted against adding those medic positions in Sterling  to serve and protect the citizens there. Again, this shows Delgaudio’s lack of care for his constituents.

Audio of the Fy16 budget meeting on 3/19/15. Fire-Rescue discussion is at the beginning of the meeting: