Delgaudio wants the right to discriminate against people nationally

No stranger to being a national embarrassment and being unethical, Delgaudio has come out against Paul Ryan as House Speaker

Delgaudio is circulating an online petition to oppose a Ryan run for House Speaker. The Loudoun supervisor says Ryan supports “the Gay Bill of Special Rights,” which he claims “tramples the Constitutional Rights of Americans who oppose the radical Homosexual Agenda, while granting ‘protected class’ status to sexual deviants …”(Source)

That’s right. Delgaudio wants to legally discriminate against people on a national level. He already opposed anti-discrimination on the local level:

At a Jan. 6 meeting, supervisors voted to expand Loudoun’s nondiscrimination policy to prohibit bias on the basis of sexual orientation in hiring by the county. Delgaudio fought the change in the meeting…

And was chastised for it

McGimsey said: “I think that the actions and words of Mr. Delgaudio prove why we needed to institute the policy that we did the other day. There’s clearly some people who need those kinds of policies in place.”

It’s no surprise to anyone that Delgaudio wants to be able to discriminate against gay people since he runs an anti-gay hate group while he is supposed to be serving his constituents.

Remove Delgaudio 

Delgaudio’s aide recounts the abuse she endured working for him.

Donna Mateer was Delgaudio’s aide that brought to light his abuse of his Loudoun County office and to his staff. Here is her 8 page account of the abuse she had to endure while working for Delgaudio.(Apologies for the poor quality scan from the Blue Ridge Leader)

Subsequently Delgaudio was investigated by a Grand Jury and the FBICensured by the Board of Supervisors  then had the nerve to oppose an ethics ordinance to prevent abuses from happening again.  Is this the type of person you want representing Sterling?

Is Delgaudio anti-density packing? Not when it comes to those giving him campaign donations.

Delgaudio has often said he’s against density packing in Sterling and in a recent “news”letter claimed his opponent, Koran Saines, is the real density packer. But that’s not quite the case when developers are giving Delgaudio campaign money in order to gain his political favor.

In typical two-faced fashion, Delgaudio voted to approve a density packed neighborhood called the Gatherings at Cascades in which 480 houses would be crammed onto 19 acres. That’s about 25 houses per acre. A typical Sterling Park home sits on about 1/4 acre lot.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) is supporting the project despite his repeated objections to “density packing” in eastern Loudoun. Leinberger[the builder] has contributed $10,599 to Delgaudio’s election campaigns over the past five years. (Source)

Delgaudio has also taken money from other density packing developers

Delgaudio received money from a string of familiar names in the county, including Lansdowne Community Development ($5,000), Comstock Asset Management ($5,000), Van Metre Homes ($3,500), Centex Homes ($1,000), Toll Brothers ($500) and the Peterson Companies ($2,500).(source)

Remove Delgaudio

Delgaudio is a racist and a bigot.

Delgaudio was “extremely against homosexuals” and he “spoke about them with extreme hatred.”

“He also made racial remarks about Asian people, making fun of the way they speak, mimicking them. He called them names, as well as he did with Hispanic people and black people,” Mateer notes.