Is Delgaudio anti-density packing? Not when it comes to those giving him campaign donations.

Delgaudio has often said he’s against density packing in Sterling and in a recent “news”letter claimed his opponent, Koran Saines, is the real density packer. But that’s not quite the case when developers are giving Delgaudio campaign money in order to gain his political favor.

In typical two-faced fashion, Delgaudio voted to approve a density packed neighborhood called the Gatherings at Cascades in which 480 houses would be crammed onto 19 acres. That’s about 25 houses per acre. A typical Sterling Park home sits on about 1/4 acre lot.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) is supporting the project despite his repeated objections to “density packing” in eastern Loudoun. Leinberger[the builder] has contributed $10,599 to Delgaudio’s election campaigns over the past five years. (Source)

Delgaudio has also taken money from other density packing developers

Delgaudio received money from a string of familiar names in the county, including Lansdowne Community Development ($5,000), Comstock Asset Management ($5,000), Van Metre Homes ($3,500), Centex Homes ($1,000), Toll Brothers ($500) and the Peterson Companies ($2,500).(source)

Remove Delgaudio

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